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Vaginal Steaming 101

For centuries, women used holistic remedies and herbs to take care of women's health. There was a time when we didn't need an app to track our cycles or a doctor to tell us when something was off. We listened to our bodies and understood that it tells us when things are out of balance or changing. With the increase of technology we've lost some of those traditions and ultimately, a lot of our independence and connection with our own bodies. We've given a lot of power to the professionals citing credentials, when no one is a greater expert on us, than us. It's time to get back to our roots. Steaming should be as normal as going to a workout class or getting your hair or nails done. It truly is basic maintenance. So let's DEMYSTIFY this whole steam thing.

1- What is vaginal steaming?

A- So glad you asked. Vaginal steaming is the process of sitting over a pot of steaming water and herbs to encourage circulation and promote health within your reproductive system.

2- How does it work?

A- Once the client is seated, the steam permeates the vagina and reproductive tissues to gently break up excess mucus and residue from the uterus and other organs. Kind of like using the steam from the shower or a nette pot when you have a cold to help clear everything out.

3- Will my vagina start running like my nose?

A- Not exactly. There may however be differences in your discharge in the following days. Just as cold mucus can be green or yellow, unhealthy vaginal discharge may have an odor or color. Healthy vaginal discharge should be mostly clear with no foul smell.

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