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womb care

Women used to be so in tune with their bodies that they could tell when their cycle was coming or when they were pregnant extremely early on. While modern medicine has allowed for many advances, many of us have allowed it to cripple our intuition. The time has come to take that power back. Make the time to nurture your yoni and reproductive organs throughout your cycle and you will feel the difference. Especially when done during the period and pregnancy, it can completely change how you view your period and even womanhood. Steaming can help with odor, dryness, easing PMS symptoms, and more. Womb care is one of the greatest examples of self love. If you're anything like I was, you're skeptical and need to do your research. For more detail of how the steaming process works check out my blog post here. We also have studies and anecdotal observations of how steaming has been used across the globe for medicinal and wellness purposes. (find here and here) It's a practice that has completely changed my life personally. But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. Come in for a personalized steam session with herbs tailored to your specific yoni needs. 

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